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Why Time Matters

I think everyone has heard the phrase "Take time to smell the flowers". In essence we're supposed to take the time to pay attention and give time to the things that are beautiful in our lives. What those things may be differ from person to person.

For me, in my realm as a photographer, I take this notion seriously. I don't often offer "mini-sessions" because my fear is that it may not be enough time. My session rate covers up to 2.5 hours (3 for high school seniors). Some may exclaim, "What?! Who would need that amount of time?!". It is a valid question, but once you understand why, then perhaps it'll make sense. 

1.) With young families it takes time to allow small children to relax and be themselves. They are able to take brief breaks if they need to. I will often do silly things or play silly games with young ones to help them be natural. We move around a lot because they have short attention spans. I had a session with a young family and the mom told me she hadn't thought they'd need that much time, but by the end of the session we had used up the time, and she thought differently.

2.) Locations. I love a unique setting for my clientele. It's so exciting to go to different places that represent the family and photograph them in their comfort zone, whether it be at a beach or in the middle of a city setting. I offer more than one location for the soul purpose of variety and fun! The session time allows for variety of setting and creativity to unfold.

Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis, MN

Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis, MN

3.) Quality, Variety, Quantity. With available time, so many opportunities for spontaneous moments pop up. Once my client feels settled in and comfortable they start to be themselves and beautiful genuine interaction takes place. Sometimes I may give gentle direction, and other times I just observe and photograph in between the direction. With more time comes more choices. I'm able to capture more, therefore my client has an awesome variety of images to pick from.

So why does the time matter? Because my clients matter! I believe quality work requires quality time, and that's what I offer! So when looking for a photographer, be sure they want to give you their time.