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Light Painter

Imagine… it’s a beautiful fall evening, the maples are at their peak color bearing crimson reds, and honey golds. Kids are playing in the freshly raked pile of leaves, bits of which cling to their tousled hair. Their shrieks of laughter add to this perfect moment as the early evening gives way to dusk. The light spills over everything in sight and eyes closed, you let the warmth seep into your exposed skin as the gentle fall breeze carries away any and all worries, if but for a fleeting moment. Upon opening your eyes, you look at your kids again and feel your breath catch as you notice the syrupy evening sunlight enveloping them in an ethereal glow. Perfection. You reach for your phone and take a picture.

Light is beautiful. I love the cool, crystal clear light of morning. The sherbet-orange glow of sunset is delicious. As a photographer this is the kind of light I hope to encounter when I’m out with my camera photographing my clients. Backlit scenery with an intentional spilling of sunlight over my composition lends an emotional punch. You can watch the video below to get a visual of what I’m talking about!

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