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Local Business Feature: Peek-a-Boo Boxing Gym

(This is not a paid advertisement. On occasion I find a business worth blogging about, and want to give a shout out to! )

Have you ever considered taking up boxing? If you’ve never thought about it, maybe it’s a good time to start! Coach Boyd Davis is the owner and operator of Peek-a-Boo Boxing Gym now located on Main Street in downtown River Falls, WI. I first discovered this place when I was hired to photograph Boyd’s class he offers through River Falls Community Education a few years back. It sparked my interest so I decided to sign up for the class myself, and I can tell you, it wasn’t easy! It was a great workout, and pretty fun to punch those bags! Fast forward to a few months ago, I saw on Peek-a-Boo’s FaceBook page that he works with youth so I went to his website to learn more, which made me decide to introduce boxing to my daughter. Twelve weeks later, she has her own pair of Title green boxing gloves and has discovered that she loves to hit those bags!

As I’ve watched Boyd interact and train his clientele these past several months, including my own daughter, I’ve been impressed by his genuine, down-to-earth personality and attentiveness to each individual that walks through his front door. He takes the sport seriously and shares his passion for it with those he trains.

Boyd has brought fight shows to River Falls every year and I had the chance to go and take a few pictures for this blog feature. Individuals he trains to fight have the opportunity to be in the ring and put what they’ve learned to the test. Check out some of the images from his most recent boxing show!

Thanks for checking out my blog feature on Peek-a-Book Boxing Gym! I did a quick question and answer session with Coach Davis, feel free to read on. If this piques your interest, go check out his gym which is typically open Monday-Friday 4:00-7:00 pm.

Quick Q&A with Coach Boyd Davis

  • 1 - “How long did you box for professionally?”

    • Boyd: “From 1992-2014”

  • 2 - “What made you decide to open a boxing gym?”

    • Boyd: “I wanted to stay in the sport and help kids develop - work on their disability and attitude.”

  • 3 - “What do you love most about being a boxing coach?”

    • Boyd: “The kids and the people.”

  • 4 - “You’ve had the opportunity to train troubled youth. How did this come about?”

    • Boyd: “I worked with a probation officer who started the program for kids.”

  • 5 - “What are the benefits of boxing?”

    • Boyd: “Getting and staying in shape. There’s a 75-year old that comes here and his heart health has gotten better since he started boxing!”

  • 6 -What’s the youngest age you’d recommend for a child interested in boxing?”

    • Boyd: “Six-years-old. Any younger and they have a hard time concentrating and their attention span is too short.”