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Pets and their Humans

I’ve come to love and appreciate the dynamic of pet ownership. In my family we have a beautiful little Balinese cat named Lucy. She is curious, mischievous, and loves to be around people. I love that she’s not a super vocal cat for the most part. My kids love her far more than she sometimes can tolerate, but for a cat, I think she is incredibly patient with them. There is a dynamic she’s brought to our family that I’ve come to appreciate very much. Lucy has brought joy to our lives in unexpected ways, and has become part of our family. We are planning on adding a dog once conditions are right and necessary arrangements have been made, and we are really excited! 

I was touched this past year through the experience of photographing a particular “last” family session with their ill golden retriever. Hearing the history of how this sweet darling had been around before the kids had “arrived”, gave me perspective. How important it is to capture these fleeting relationships in life! Our companions give so much comfort and friendship and their lives seem to come and go so quickly. This sparked a desire in me to incorporate pets (or companions)!  I’m super excited about a new session now available to clients who have the specific need of pet portraiture. I chose to call these sessions “Pets and their Humans” because I wanted to put the companion(s) in the forefront or center of focus, a celebration of their life combined with their human(s)!

My vision is to capture connection, personalities, and spirit. My goal is to give those scheduling a session imagery to remind them of what they had once their companion is gone.  

These sessions ought to be held on location where you and your companion feel safe, and comfortable. Preferably it’s a familiar environment you enjoy being in together. Each session will be customized! 

 Session Information:


- up to 2 hours session time

- travel within 1 hour of River Falls, WI included

- editing prior to post session review included

- watermarked, low-res images for sharing online if desired

- $450: hi-res digital files on CD; (2) 8x10, (2) 5x7 professional prints


- up to 1 hour session time

- travel within 30 min of River Falls, WI included

- editing prior to post session review included

- watermarked, low-res images for sharing online if desired

- $375: hi-res digital files on CD


To schedule a session, contact Rachel @ 715-245-0239 or feel free to send a message through this website’s contact page.

A Target Family Christmas

Have yourself a merry little Target Christmas! Read about and see some images from this featured family session which was shot at the Hudson, WI Target. Totally different session than any other!

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Mothers & Fathers Day Promo

I just love Spring don't you? Living in Central Wisconsin I am blessed with four distinct seasons which, I might add, comes with some great benefits! As a photographer, I would have to say a huge benefit is the diverse color palette I get to utilize for my sessions. That's one reason why I am in love with on-location photography! I love all the splendor it offers. I am in complete awareness that families just love the fall for the color it provides, which I admit, is quite breathtaking at its peak. The following images being a great example:


Who doesn't love great fall color? At the same time, the other times of year can get ignored sadly. Spring, flowers are in full bloom... think apple orchards...wouldn't that be sooo gorgeous? (I've been wanting to do a session at an apple orchard when the trees are in full bloom!) Summer has long gorgeous evenings, perfect for beach photography, and perfect weather for cute summer outfits (benefit: nobody gets too cold, or red noses, as can happen in a late fall session).  


For these reasons, I am officially launching my Mother's & Father's Day Promo! Starting today, anyone who schedules and completes a regularly priced session during April 27th-June 30th, will get a complimentary Christmas mini session ($115 value, includes: 1 hr, 1 location, FB timeline cover photo, Mini MyShowcase, Gallery App, exclusive pricing on products) this November 2015!  This offer is on a first come first serve basis. Don't wait to book your session, if you book in advance you will be sure to get your spot! Click here to connect with Reverie.

Enjoy the spring weather, and best wishes!

Why Outside

Okay, okay, so it's cold outside. Winter is cold, wet, and windy. One of the last things on our minds as we huddle inside layered up and drinking hot cocoa by the fire, is going out and having our pictures taken. I get it. I myself go into survival/hibernation mode once the leaves have all fallen off the trees and the mercury has all but disappeared on the good old thermostat. BUT. Winter time can be a beautiful time to have pictures taken of families or just the kids outside. Never mind the cold... if dressed properly it's not so miserable as you might suppose. And with all the beautiful white, it can only do wonderful things for some flattering lighting. Beautiful rosy cheeks and fresh air along with snow activities brings on good times and happy smiles. This past month I was lucky enough to photograph these two lively sisters and what a lovely outcome!

We started out with some sled time and this was just adorable to watch as little sister attempted to give big sister a ride! :-)

Not only were the girls laughing it up, but so was their mom and I! There is something so perfect about memories being made while I'm working! Following the sled pull, we decided that it was the perfect time for the girls to build a snowman. And how fun is it that this was one of the first times that little sis' got to build a snowman? We listened to Olaf singing about being a snowman in summer as the girls worked away. Little sis was pretty excited about hearing a song from a beloved Disney movie and started to sing along... 

It was quite the event and it took a lot of hard work to put Olaf together. 

And naturally the girls dawdled about and were allowed to goof around a bit. We had such a fun time! So, why outside, in the snow? Because it's a beautiful time of year to be photographed, and it's DIFFERENT. Since it's cold out a shorter session is ideal, and that's why until the end of February you can purchase a mini session! So, if you want some fun pictures that are different, and that will definitely be memorable, give me a call and we can play in the snow....