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Summer is Around the Corner

Wow, I blinked and it's June. Did I black out or something?

Things are wrapping up at our local schools and summer vacay officially starts tomorrow after those bells ring to let the kids out of school! Is anyone else out there in the online world feeling the whiplash of time?

Speaking of time, we are going to have A LOT of it on hand this summer! I decided not to sign up my kids for anything (however we might do the swimming lesson thing, but still deciding on when...that's sort of an important life skill, right?) because sometimes it's nice not to have every minute committed to something. However, I also realize that there needs to be some sort of plan so we don't go crazy over summer break here at home!

So if you're like me and need a visual reminder of ideas, this post may do you good. Better yet, if you read the activities and see that I have left out something super cool that everyone should know about, feel free to leave a comment below and share your wealth of information. I personally haven't visited all these places, but would like to this summer

Phew! I'm sure I've missed a ton of things, but that's a great start to my list of places to go. They are all a pretty close (within an hour mostly) drive to River Falls, WI. Besides really great places to go and experience, I know there are so many summer events that happen as well. If you have any that you love please let me know and perhaps I can do a post on Summer events to attend! I am super excited for some new adventures!

Mothers & Fathers Day Promo

I just love Spring don't you? Living in Central Wisconsin I am blessed with four distinct seasons which, I might add, comes with some great benefits! As a photographer, I would have to say a huge benefit is the diverse color palette I get to utilize for my sessions. That's one reason why I am in love with on-location photography! I love all the splendor it offers. I am in complete awareness that families just love the fall for the color it provides, which I admit, is quite breathtaking at its peak. The following images being a great example:


Who doesn't love great fall color? At the same time, the other times of year can get ignored sadly. Spring, flowers are in full bloom... think apple orchards...wouldn't that be sooo gorgeous? (I've been wanting to do a session at an apple orchard when the trees are in full bloom!) Summer has long gorgeous evenings, perfect for beach photography, and perfect weather for cute summer outfits (benefit: nobody gets too cold, or red noses, as can happen in a late fall session).  


For these reasons, I am officially launching my Mother's & Father's Day Promo! Starting today, anyone who schedules and completes a regularly priced session during April 27th-June 30th, will get a complimentary Christmas mini session ($115 value, includes: 1 hr, 1 location, FB timeline cover photo, Mini MyShowcase, Gallery App, exclusive pricing on products) this November 2015!  This offer is on a first come first serve basis. Don't wait to book your session, if you book in advance you will be sure to get your spot! Click here to connect with Reverie.

Enjoy the spring weather, and best wishes!

Why Outside

Okay, okay, so it's cold outside. Winter is cold, wet, and windy. One of the last things on our minds as we huddle inside layered up and drinking hot cocoa by the fire, is going out and having our pictures taken. I get it. I myself go into survival/hibernation mode once the leaves have all fallen off the trees and the mercury has all but disappeared on the good old thermostat. BUT. Winter time can be a beautiful time to have pictures taken of families or just the kids outside. Never mind the cold... if dressed properly it's not so miserable as you might suppose. And with all the beautiful white, it can only do wonderful things for some flattering lighting. Beautiful rosy cheeks and fresh air along with snow activities brings on good times and happy smiles. This past month I was lucky enough to photograph these two lively sisters and what a lovely outcome!

We started out with some sled time and this was just adorable to watch as little sister attempted to give big sister a ride! :-)

Not only were the girls laughing it up, but so was their mom and I! There is something so perfect about memories being made while I'm working! Following the sled pull, we decided that it was the perfect time for the girls to build a snowman. And how fun is it that this was one of the first times that little sis' got to build a snowman? We listened to Olaf singing about being a snowman in summer as the girls worked away. Little sis was pretty excited about hearing a song from a beloved Disney movie and started to sing along... 

It was quite the event and it took a lot of hard work to put Olaf together. 

And naturally the girls dawdled about and were allowed to goof around a bit. We had such a fun time! So, why outside, in the snow? Because it's a beautiful time of year to be photographed, and it's DIFFERENT. Since it's cold out a shorter session is ideal, and that's why until the end of February you can purchase a mini session! So, if you want some fun pictures that are different, and that will definitely be memorable, give me a call and we can play in the snow....

Goodbye 2014

I love my job as a photographer! I love meeting new people and having the opportunity to witness their best selves. It's such a blessing to photograph sweet moments that bring tears to mother's eyes and funny moments that bring laughter. Art evokes emotion, and my art is intended to evoke emotions of happiness and nostalgia. When people see my work I want them to feel a little lighter, and a little happier. In the world today there is enough darkness to go around, why not shed light on the joy that exists here too?

I just have to say thank you to my wonderful clients who hire and trust me to capture their moments. Without you, I couldn't do what I do. I take the opportunity seriously and put 200% into my work. Hats off to 2014, a wonderful year!

This video is a snapshot of some of my favorite moments from 2014. I wanted to include so much more, but alas sometimes less is more!  

Winter Mini Sessions: Now Booking for Jan and Feb 2015

You know, although I don't care for cold weather there are some things that I do love because of winter. 

My favorite things about winter are:

1.) I get to wear my fav clothing: jeans, comfy sweaters, and boots, for 6 months out of the year.

2.) Warm comfort food, soups, breads, rich desserts.... I think I just gained 5 lbs...

3.) Christmas... my favorite holiday.

That about covers it. :-)

To ease up the monotony of winter I've been mulling over the perfect Mini Session to offer during the two coldest months of the year... January and February. It's, I feel, the perfect amount of time, with just the right price point. I even pulled together a special pricing menu to go along with it. The product pricing is only good towards the mini sessions scheduled in Jan and Feb of this coming year (2015) ;-). Please look over the promotion and if there are any questions left unanswered don't hesitate to contact me via phone/text: (715)245-0239, or email: 

Click on image to enlarge

Kinnickinnic Backpack Program Fundraiser a Success!

I just can't say enough how happy I am that this fundraiser turned out so well! I have to say a big thank you to Riley's Growing in Style for hosting my fundraiser in their shop! There was a great turn out! Watch the video to see some fun images from the various sessions and to find out how much Our Neighbors Place received as a result!

Kinnickinnic Backpack Program Fundraiser

I love that the backpack program exists here in River Falls! What a great program to help kids who are in need of food! I want to give back to our amazing community this year by having a fund raiser for this wonderful program! 100% of the proceeds will go to the Backpack Program!

I will be at Riley's Growing in Style on Nov 22 from 10-4 pm doing 15 minute Christmas themed minis for $35! You'll receive up to (3) 5x7 digital files to use for your 2014 Holiday card! If you mention my blogpost I'll throw in a Christmas Timeline cover photo showing off your Holiday pic(s) from your session! 

These are by appointment only. Payment will be due upon booking of your session. Each session will last 15 minutes. If you want longer, you can purchase additional 15 minute blocks back to back ($35 each) or at various time slots for the day. There are 3 sessions per hour. Each starting at the top of the hour with a 5 minute break between each session. I recommend you arriving 5 minutes early to your session so no one gets held up behind you.

Dress up for Christmas and come have your picture or kid's picture taken for a great cause! Please note there will be space for possibly up to 5 people max in one picture. 

Call now to book your appointment and help fill the needs of our community's youngest members!

Brand New Referral Program

As a photographer I know how important it is to have happy clients and do all in my power to make sure they are having the best experience! I love when my clients return again and again. I love when my clients refer their friends, it is the highest form of a compliment to me!

Soooo.... I've decided to give my clients a little kickback for giving me great reviews to their friends. I know they don't have to, and it means so much when they do! 

Clients can request referral cards to give out to their friends. It's very simple. You write your name on the back of the card. Your friend gets a complimentary 8 x 12 deluxe print ($80 value) with their regularly priced session. When three referrals from the same client has scheduled and completed their session with Reverie, the referring client receives a complimentary sitting ($175 value) as a thank you! It's just Reverie's way of saying thanks, and letting my clients know that I appreciate them and their loyalty.

If you want some referral cards please let me know via email

Why Time Matters

I think everyone has heard the phrase "Take time to smell the flowers". In essence we're supposed to take the time to pay attention and give time to the things that are beautiful in our lives. What those things may be differ from person to person.

For me, in my realm as a photographer, I take this notion seriously. I don't often offer "mini-sessions" because my fear is that it may not be enough time. My session rate covers up to 2.5 hours (3 for high school seniors). Some may exclaim, "What?! Who would need that amount of time?!". It is a valid question, but once you understand why, then perhaps it'll make sense. 

1.) With young families it takes time to allow small children to relax and be themselves. They are able to take brief breaks if they need to. I will often do silly things or play silly games with young ones to help them be natural. We move around a lot because they have short attention spans. I had a session with a young family and the mom told me she hadn't thought they'd need that much time, but by the end of the session we had used up the time, and she thought differently.

2.) Locations. I love a unique setting for my clientele. It's so exciting to go to different places that represent the family and photograph them in their comfort zone, whether it be at a beach or in the middle of a city setting. I offer more than one location for the soul purpose of variety and fun! The session time allows for variety of setting and creativity to unfold.

Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis, MN

Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis, MN

3.) Quality, Variety, Quantity. With available time, so many opportunities for spontaneous moments pop up. Once my client feels settled in and comfortable they start to be themselves and beautiful genuine interaction takes place. Sometimes I may give gentle direction, and other times I just observe and photograph in between the direction. With more time comes more choices. I'm able to capture more, therefore my client has an awesome variety of images to pick from.

So why does the time matter? Because my clients matter! I believe quality work requires quality time, and that's what I offer! So when looking for a photographer, be sure they want to give you their time.