The Beauty of Autism

A recently emerged cicada perched on my son’s hand.

A recently emerged cicada perched on my son’s hand.

A personal Project

A big question I’ve faced with my Beauty of Autism project is simply “Why are you doing this?”. I want society to see that autism doesn’t define who a person is, and what they are capable of. I have a wonderful son on the spectrum and have been on my own journey as his mom. He has shown me, and others, beautiful and interesting pieces of this world that I would not have noticed otherwise. I’m certain that other individuals with autism have so much to share whether they are able to use traditional methods of doing so or not.

I'm looking for parents who will allow me to photograph their child(ren) who are with autism. Teen and adult ages are welcome! The images will be taken in a documentary style, showcasing each individual in his or her own element. I'll likely ask for stories or background to incorporate in order to tell each story. I'm hoping this project can in some way raise awareness that those with Autism have beautiful and varied contributions to make to our society. There's no cost to participants.

Fill the form out below to find out more, or call 715.245.0239. I usually respond to online messages within 24 hours.

**I am not an autism expert, and have had to hobble along trying to figure out the parenting thing as I go. I’ve struggled to understand certain behaviors my son has had over the years. A couple years ago I purchased several books that have really helped me understand my son more than I ever did before. I’ve listed those books below along with a link to a wonderful TED Talk given by Temple Grandin entitled The World Needs all Kinds of People.

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Book 1: The Reason I Jump, The Inner Voice of a Thirteen-Year-Old Boy with Autism (Naoki Higashida)

Book 2: Be Different (John Elder Robison)

Book 3: Look me in the Eye (John Elder Robison)

YouTube link - Temple Grandin: The World Needs all Kinds of Minds