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It was estimated in 2018 that more than 1 trillion pictures were taken in the world. This begs the questions, how many of them are memorable? How many of them will be used? The convenience of digital photography has produced a vast digital landfill of images that will never see the light of day. Despite the over-saturation in today’s market, I founded Reverie Photography in River Falls, WI in 2010. My mantra as a professional photographer is that less is most definitely more, given the state of the online digital image sea. I’m inspired by the simplicity of emotion and the powerful effect it has when captured effectively. When I was young I found herself drawn to the beautiful imagery in my father’s National Geographic magazines and developed a strong desire to become a visual artist myself. I chose the word Reverie because it refers to a dream-like state and I wanted to produce whimsical images that portrayed the best side of humanity. 


Reverie Photography specializes in on-location portraits of young families. I begin planning a session with my clients prior to the shoot date in order to better prepare myself to work with the family. The process begins with a basic questionnaire to learn about the family’s personality and the type of environment which is most reflective of their lifestyle. Knowing this information along with ages of the children aids in determining the best location. Additionally, Reverie will find out what the intended use is for the imagery in order to provide the most usable end-product. 

I believe a well-prepared client is a happy client. For this reason, a digital magazine containing prepping ideas and resources for an upcoming session is provided. Although young kids may prove to be unpredictable at times, they are predictably easy to draw emotion from. I know several primary triggers for negative outcomes and am sure to discuss these points of concern with parents prior to each session.  


Aside from the convenience of digital cameras, few if any resulting images are prominently displayed on the wall of a home or office. Through careful planning with the client in their home, this issue is solved. Reverie utilizes software which allows the client to see how their images will look in various configurations. This consultation service is free if a client is purchasing a wall collection for their home or office.  

I believe that portraiture has priceless value when done correctly and with purpose. When a client tells me that viewing her images made her cry, or that her kids are super excited for another session, I know I’m doing something right!” Although there may be a trillion images floating around in digital space, Reverie can help cut through that clutter and frame what matters most! 

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