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Simple is Beautiful

You know, when it comes to newborn portraiture I am so not into distracting settings! I feel simplicity is the way to go.

I loved this session because of how uncomplicated it was. This little sweetheart was very much awake. I find that sometimes newborns are fussier when awake, but he fussed very little. I made it a point to capture a little bit of truth! While babies are angelic, there is also the fussy times right?

I always try and reassure the parents that they needn't be apologetic about their children's mood. I just work with it, and with a little patience and fun, they calm right back down. Although it can be trickier with babies, moms are always really good at soothing them. The key is having ample time scheduled so if there is a fussy spell, parents don't have to stress.

With the image above I used a homemade lens modifier to shape the light in the background. This isn't photoshop! I love the whimsical feel of the lights, enhancing the overall feel of the moment. I love it when experiments work out!

It's such a special thing to photograph mother child relationships. We so often find ourselves behind the camera instead of in it's frame. It's nice to be able to relax and pose with your children and allow someone else to capture the moment, isn't it? If you find yourself camera shy just forget about the insecurities. These images will be cherished by posterity.

I have to say after this session that less is more. These images won't be dated because they're not trendy. It's all about the baby, and that's how it should be. :-)