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New Minis

I hate to sound redundant.... I know I just barely announced minis, what, last week or the week before last? ;-) I took a step back and thought about our beautiful fall evenings and realized that weekdays are sometimes hectic and don't allow for my full fledged session time. So, to make it simple, I've decided to offer minis exclusively on weekdays in the mornings and the evenings. This will allow families and individuals with crazy schedules a little more flexibility. This will also allow some balance in fairness. I would hate to offer more time than we actually have to work with and make my clients pay for time they can't actually use. So that being said, a full session can still be had on a weekday, we'll just have to start by 3:30, 4:00 at the latest in order to take advantage of the gorgeous fall light available to us!

In honor of the upcoming gorgeous fall color, here are a few images I love from past fall sessions. Click on an image to see it bigger. :-) (P.S. I'm soooo excited to pull out and wear all my fall clothing and outerwear!)