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Living in Scotland: Part II

It's been two months since our return from adventures in Scotland. I often think of the beautiful country and the things I miss. It's amazing how I grew to love it even though we were only there for four months.

Something I loved about living in Dalkeith was that I didn't feel bombarded with commercialism. At the stores I went to there weren't huge displays of holiday propaganda screaming at me from every turn. Usually upon entering a Walmart or Target, we immediately know that Easter or Christmas is just around the corner ... only 2-3 months away so stock up on candy and useless crap now! It simply didn't feel that way to me. Sure there was advertising, but not to the same level. It was a sensory vacation! And let's talk about prices for a moment! Even though the exchange rate was awful, prices for produce and many other goods were still less than what we pay here in Wisconsin. 

Scotland really has something going on for their environment as well! Not only do they recycle, but they have a third disposal option as well. They collect food waste for composting, which is available to the public for their gardens (and I swear so many people seem to have a green thumb...beautiful gardens)! A couple other fun facts worth mentioning: (1) their cars have far better gas mileage and size economy, (2) if you don't bring re-usable shopping bags when going to a store, you will always pay for a plastic one! 

I admit I miss the beauty of the Highlands and wandering the old streets of Edinburgh. I sincerely hope to return someday. People often want me to show them pictures and so of course I'm not leaving that out! The struggle for me in deciding what to show, is wondering if the images can move the viewer and perhaps share in the mystery and beauty of my personal experiences. I tried to do these places justice, but sometimes the grandeur can only be understood when standing in person at the feet of some of the most majestic places God has made. These images are from some of our travels within Scotland. I hope you find viewing them worth your time. Enjoy. :-)

Images in Gallery: Scottish Highlands and Isle of Skye

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