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Brand New Referral Program

As a photographer I know how important it is to have happy clients and do all in my power to make sure they are having the best experience! I love when my clients return again and again. I love when my clients refer their friends, it is the highest form of a compliment to me!

Soooo.... I've decided to give my clients a little kickback for giving me great reviews to their friends. I know they don't have to, and it means so much when they do! 

Clients can request referral cards to give out to their friends. It's very simple. You write your name on the back of the card. Your friend gets a complimentary 8 x 12 deluxe print ($80 value) with their regularly priced session. When three referrals from the same client has scheduled and completed their session with Reverie, the referring client receives a complimentary sitting ($175 value) as a thank you! It's just Reverie's way of saying thanks, and letting my clients know that I appreciate them and their loyalty.

If you want some referral cards please let me know via email