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Summer is Around the Corner

Wow, I blinked and it's June. Did I black out or something?

Things are wrapping up at our local schools and summer vacay officially starts tomorrow after those bells ring to let the kids out of school! Is anyone else out there in the online world feeling the whiplash of time?

Speaking of time, we are going to have A LOT of it on hand this summer! I decided not to sign up my kids for anything (however we might do the swimming lesson thing, but still deciding on when...that's sort of an important life skill, right?) because sometimes it's nice not to have every minute committed to something. However, I also realize that there needs to be some sort of plan so we don't go crazy over summer break here at home!

So if you're like me and need a visual reminder of ideas, this post may do you good. Better yet, if you read the activities and see that I have left out something super cool that everyone should know about, feel free to leave a comment below and share your wealth of information. I personally haven't visited all these places, but would like to this summer

Phew! I'm sure I've missed a ton of things, but that's a great start to my list of places to go. They are all a pretty close (within an hour mostly) drive to River Falls, WI. Besides really great places to go and experience, I know there are so many summer events that happen as well. If you have any that you love please let me know and perhaps I can do a post on Summer events to attend! I am super excited for some new adventures!