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Are High School Senior Portrait Sessions Fun?

This is definitely a question on my mind lately. I remember when I got my senior pictures taken. It was kind of fun to go somewhere other than under the spotlight of the photographer's studio seat. There's something innately uncomfortable about sitting for a mugshot! I of course had two locations as part of mine, outside by a tree and in the spotlight. I enjoyed the outdoor shoot much more than indoor. Perhaps this is why I am an on-location photographer! There is so much more opportunity for artistry in my opinion.

Anyway... off track a bit... the question is, are high school senior portrait sessions fun? I've talked with several up and coming seniors in the last month and have come to the conclusion that the session can be made fun! 

My personal goal is to make the experience fun, engaging, and memorable. I want my seniors to be completely involved in planning and carrying out their session. For example, I spoke with one amazing young lady recently who told me she loves to run and really wants to incorporate it. Love the idea. Upon further conversation I discovered that she's been in 4-H and raises piggies (she wants to be a Vet now), and she loves ice cream. How cool would it be to incorporate and document these unique parts of her and her life? Don't our experiences make up the person we evolve into and become? This is what sets me apart from others. I want to show the world who these individuals are, it's not a hassle! They are our future doctors, scientists, artists, authors, etc.

Another important part of a young person's life are the people they spend the most time with. If I were to ask you who your best friend in high school was what kind of memories and emotions immediately come to mind? Are you still in touch with them? I'm still in touch with my best friend from high school. She's the only person from that time in my life I've really spent time with and talked to with any great length since graduation! This is why I've decided to incorporate best friends into my senior sessions. If the senior I'me doing a session with brings one or two best friends to help her/him out, I will take some time at the end of the shoot to document their friendship. Each person will be gifted a 5x7 print and a web-ready image to share online if they choose. 

Senior sessions don't have to be generic!