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Need a Private Photo Sharing App? Check this out!

As a professional photographer I love gorgeous pictures and love to create, share and consume beautiful imagery! So something I’ve struggled with in terms of social media is finding a balance with what I do and don’t post. I’ve decided that I don’t want to post lots of pictures of my kids because they want their privacy as much as the next person. (I suppose it’s about protecting them as well!) I’ve been tempted to get rid of my private Facebook page because I’m sort of over social media in many ways, however it’s a great way to keep in touch with family and share those moments I want to include them on. 

Happily, I may have stumbled upon the answer to my dilemma! I discovered a really cool app today and feel like shouting about it to the world, but since I can’t, I’ll shout about it on my blog instead. :-) (No I’m not being paid to talk about it or promote it, they have no idea so this isn’t a sales pitch of any kind!)

According to the specs this is what the app Tinybeans offers:

It claims to be built by parents, for parents. It offers the ability to share pregnancy/childhood pictures with family members and you can even record your baby’s milestones! Those who you select can receive daily email updates and they don’t need a smartphone! How cool is that?! You can invite an unlimited amount of people to receive your updates. Additionally, and this may be one of the most attractive features for us photo happy parents, there’s unlimited free storage for photos, videos, milestones, and your notes! Below I’ve included a screenshot of the remaining specs from the App Store.


So I don’t know about you, but free storage and protection for my photos is fantastic! And the fact that I can make a quick photo book with memories  from the year is very attractive. I will start using this app for sure, and I hope the quality of photo book is good enough for the everyday pics! 

Happy Clicking and Keep Smiling! Share this blog post if you want to spread the word!