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Truth Telling

I'm working tonight on client images and couldn't help but want to post on a whim. As a photographer I get to not only take pictures of those joyful intended moments, but I also get to snag a few images where I do some what I like to call "truth telling". Sometimes I'll just hand off these images to my clients for fun because it's something that made me laugh. Truth telling is a "behind the scenes" or "between shots" sort of idea, or perhaps it was intended a certain way, and those being photographed had different intentions.

Being a young family photographer, I'm often kept on my toes and have to think fast because I want the kids to be happy. I sometimes have to resort to games which get the kids to cooperate with me without knowing it! ;-) After all what fun is it to smile about nothing? Better to have something to smile about, right? In salute to these one of a kind moments that cannot be recreated, here are some images to help you feel better about the next time your child isn't behaving as perfectly as you like during a shoot. My advice? Relax and go with it, because they are being photographed in all that energetic glory! ;-) 

Besides, there are so many more expressions than just "smile". I've come to discover that many personalities are best expressed through a myriad of looks.

So the next time you feel worried about everyone looking perfect, hope that your photographer is capturing that very moment, because it can't be replicated again! ;-) Enjoy those crazy moments!