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Need a Private Photo Sharing App? Check this out!

As a professional photographer I love gorgeous pictures and love to create, share and consume beautiful imagery! So something I’ve struggled with in terms of social media is finding a balance with what I do and don’t post. I’ve decided that I don’t want to post lots of pictures of my kids because they want their privacy as much as the next person. (I suppose it’s about protecting them as well!) I’ve been tempted to get rid of my private Facebook page because I’m sort of over social media in many ways, however it’s a great way to keep in touch with family and share those moments I want to include them on. 

Happily, I may have stumbled upon the answer to my dilemma! I discovered a really cool app today and feel like shouting about it to the world, but since I can’t, I’ll shout about it on my blog instead. :-) (No I’m not being paid to talk about it or promote it, they have no idea so this isn’t a sales pitch of any kind!)

According to the specs this is what the app Tinybeans offers:

It claims to be built by parents, for parents. It offers the ability to share pregnancy/childhood pictures with family members and you can even record your baby’s milestones! Those who you select can receive daily email updates and they don’t need a smartphone! How cool is that?! You can invite an unlimited amount of people to receive your updates. Additionally, and this may be one of the most attractive features for us photo happy parents, there’s unlimited free storage for photos, videos, milestones, and your notes! Below I’ve included a screenshot of the remaining specs from the App Store.


So I don’t know about you, but free storage and protection for my photos is fantastic! And the fact that I can make a quick photo book with memories  from the year is very attractive. I will start using this app for sure, and I hope the quality of photo book is good enough for the everyday pics! 

Happy Clicking and Keep Smiling! Share this blog post if you want to spread the word!

A Target Family Christmas

Have yourself a merry little Target Christmas! Read about and see some images from this featured family session which was shot at the Hudson, WI Target. Totally different session than any other!

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Are you guilty of always being the one behind the camera instead of in front of the camera at special family occasions? When going through your photo books does it ever appear the children in the book are *motherless*? It's been a goal of mine in the past few years to try and be in family event pictures simply because I want my kids to be reminded that I did in fact spend time with them, and to remind myself that I spent time with them! ;-)

This spring (now through May 31st) I am offering the Mother-Child session. This entails me coming to your home or other favorite location to photograph you and your child(ren) doing some of your favorite things together. Reading, bike rides, hiking, cooking, etc. These images would not be formally posed, but gently directed. We will plan beforehand what you would like to do with the images, whether it be a keepsake album, a framed collage piece, or a fun image cube to put on display in your kid's room. The goal is for you to have a tangible keepsake for your children. A visual reminder of the special relationship they have with you, their mother. Click HERE for details.

Mother child relationships are so important. Why not get it documented this spring?

Young Family Photography

For a very long time it was super hard for me to choose a particular "favorite" subject to photograph. Over the years I have come to discover that my absolute favorite subjects are young families! I love how young kids and babies alike can evoke the sweetest affection from their parents. They seem to breathe life into the adults as they help them remember what it's like to be young and carefree again. I feel so happy when those I'm photographing ignore my presence and fully engage with their children. There is a light in the eye and genuine joy that is unmatched.

Every parent longs for their family to have great relationships. I believe that images that capture moments of joy can help family ties. It helps to have a visual reminder of why we love each other in the first place! 

Instead of the mundane, cookie cutter, traditional studio setting, I feel on-location portraiture lends an artful and meaningful element. This is part of the reason why I love photographing families in an environment that tells their story! 

So many worry that their home is not one that can be used for photographs because it doesn't look like a catalogue cut-out of a Pottery Barn ad. I've found that with my sessions, the more minimal an environment is in it's surroundings, the more focus there is on the most important aspect of the image: emotional impact. 

Outdoor environments are sometimes frowned upon because of perhaps what is being worn. My favorite place to photograph families is outside however. There is an unending opportunity for children to run free (which I encourage through out my young family sessions)! It give the whole family time to play and spend time together while being photographed.  

So the next time you cringe at the thought of getting family pictures taken with your young ones, remember that it doesn't have to be torture! Rather, it can be a time for some fun times and new memories. Capture this time while it's here, don't let it slip away.

Mothers & Fathers Day Promo

I just love Spring don't you? Living in Central Wisconsin I am blessed with four distinct seasons which, I might add, comes with some great benefits! As a photographer, I would have to say a huge benefit is the diverse color palette I get to utilize for my sessions. That's one reason why I am in love with on-location photography! I love all the splendor it offers. I am in complete awareness that families just love the fall for the color it provides, which I admit, is quite breathtaking at its peak. The following images being a great example:


Who doesn't love great fall color? At the same time, the other times of year can get ignored sadly. Spring, flowers are in full bloom... think apple orchards...wouldn't that be sooo gorgeous? (I've been wanting to do a session at an apple orchard when the trees are in full bloom!) Summer has long gorgeous evenings, perfect for beach photography, and perfect weather for cute summer outfits (benefit: nobody gets too cold, or red noses, as can happen in a late fall session).  


For these reasons, I am officially launching my Mother's & Father's Day Promo! Starting today, anyone who schedules and completes a regularly priced session during April 27th-June 30th, will get a complimentary Christmas mini session ($115 value, includes: 1 hr, 1 location, FB timeline cover photo, Mini MyShowcase, Gallery App, exclusive pricing on products) this November 2015!  This offer is on a first come first serve basis. Don't wait to book your session, if you book in advance you will be sure to get your spot! Click here to connect with Reverie.

Enjoy the spring weather, and best wishes!

Why Outside

Okay, okay, so it's cold outside. Winter is cold, wet, and windy. One of the last things on our minds as we huddle inside layered up and drinking hot cocoa by the fire, is going out and having our pictures taken. I get it. I myself go into survival/hibernation mode once the leaves have all fallen off the trees and the mercury has all but disappeared on the good old thermostat. BUT. Winter time can be a beautiful time to have pictures taken of families or just the kids outside. Never mind the cold... if dressed properly it's not so miserable as you might suppose. And with all the beautiful white, it can only do wonderful things for some flattering lighting. Beautiful rosy cheeks and fresh air along with snow activities brings on good times and happy smiles. This past month I was lucky enough to photograph these two lively sisters and what a lovely outcome!

We started out with some sled time and this was just adorable to watch as little sister attempted to give big sister a ride! :-)

Not only were the girls laughing it up, but so was their mom and I! There is something so perfect about memories being made while I'm working! Following the sled pull, we decided that it was the perfect time for the girls to build a snowman. And how fun is it that this was one of the first times that little sis' got to build a snowman? We listened to Olaf singing about being a snowman in summer as the girls worked away. Little sis was pretty excited about hearing a song from a beloved Disney movie and started to sing along... 

It was quite the event and it took a lot of hard work to put Olaf together. 

And naturally the girls dawdled about and were allowed to goof around a bit. We had such a fun time! So, why outside, in the snow? Because it's a beautiful time of year to be photographed, and it's DIFFERENT. Since it's cold out a shorter session is ideal, and that's why until the end of February you can purchase a mini session! So, if you want some fun pictures that are different, and that will definitely be memorable, give me a call and we can play in the snow....